Habits worth cultivating.

What are your healthy habits? Are there any you’re trying to build in your life?

Of course, in my never ending mission of self improvement, I’m often analyzing my habits and trying to identify what’s working, what isn’t, and what needs a little tweak.

I wanted to share a few habits I’ve developed that have helped me over the years.

Taking a walk.

It gets my legs moving after sitting at a desk for too long and relaxes my eyes after staring at a screen. It lets my brain pay attention to what’s around me rather than just text and focused (or, trying to be focused) work. When I’m upset, bored, or restless this is the best next step to take. I always return with my head and body in a better place to make a decision and get back to work.

Monthly money roundup.

I have not been successful in developing a daily, or even weekly, habit with tracking money. I’ve managed a monthly check-in though that has become a rewarding part of my routine. It’s spaced far enough apart to not feel like a chore but is frequent enough to give me that relaxed feeling that all my financial stuff is in order and all my systems are purring along in the background. I use Google Docs spreadsheets to note any changes, issues, service phone calls and whatnot which leaves a nice little tracking record always at hand.

Quarterly Review and Goal Setting.

This habit has been a mainstay for me. Even if everything else falls out of whack, my quarterly check-ins help bring everything back into alignment.  I keep these pretty loose, just me, a notebook and some tea. First I consider whether or not I feel like things are going well in a general sense and then map out what I want to accomplish in the next few months regarding both short-term and long-term goals. I update calendars, make to-do lists and declutter a bit.

Self-prescribed Quiet Time.

I tend towards anxiety and have a really hard time relaxing, always wanting to be productive. Of course, this is not really sustainable so when I catch myself being particularly strung-out I give myself a time out. This is something that goes beyond the walk-around-the-block and usually has to be a whole afternoon or evening.  I find movies, extended time reading in bed, and listening to favorite albums work best. Sometimes I’m tempted to write but that can too easily bring me back into working mode. I don’t find socializing has the same effect, although it can be a great stress reliever it doesn’t refill the well in the same way some quiet time does for me.

Those are a few of the things that work for me. Please do share yours as well, I’m on the lookout for good ideas!

Photo by Abigail Keenen on Unsplash.